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Between the two of us, we have experienced volleyball from every angle: playing for a top 4 collegiate women’s program, playing D3 men’s volleyball, playing overseas professionally and on the US National Team, as well as coaching a D1 program and coaching both boys and girls at junior clubs all over the country. What we’ve learned through it all is that there are deficiencies in the training that players are getting early on in their career. And, these deficiencies are hindering kids from reaching their competitive potential and growing into fierce leaders both on and off the court. 

At the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels athletes receive holistic training and have a support staff committed to their success. If they are struggling with school their team secures tutoring, if they need to work on their mental game they have sports psychologists at their fingertips, and they spend countless hours dedicated to injury prevention and training. We both experienced this at some point in our careers and it was under these conditions that we flourished. But, when we looked at the training being provided across the nation at the junior level, none of this exists. The hours spent in the gym are dedicated toward getting reps and improving particular skills, rather than improving the athlete as a whole, growing their confidence, and developing them into their best selves. 

Four Athletes was born from our desire to transform the way we approach coachingWe believe that by balancing skills with mental training, goal setting, confidence development and perspective, we can make athletes better faster and better prepare them for their athletic and lifelong journeys.  There is a need across the nation for this approach to training and development, and we quickly understood that though we would love to personally reach every athlete in need, geography would be a limiting factor. So, we started doing virtual video coaching and created the Four Athletes app, dedicating our time, passion and vision to developing videos that reflect our approach to training.  This app puts the things we’ve learned over 30 years of combined training and the things that have made the biggest difference in our personal journeys directly in the palm of athletes all over the world.


Proven Skills, Drills & Techniques


Mental Training & Preparedness


Goal Setting & Achievement


Daily Actions & Commitment


When we were building our training series we had a million things that we wanted to share. We wrote them all down and then started putting them in buckets. At the end of the exercise, we found that everything fell into four buckets: body, mind, mission and grind. These four pillars became the foundation of our offering.

As we dove a little deeper into creating the content and started looking at how we and other athletes became successful, one thing continued to come up: The most successful athletes in the world continue to train and grind and push through because they are deeply invested in themselves. We wanted every athlete to answer the question of “What do you train for?” With, “me”. It’s about putting the “you” in the purpose, or said another way, the “u” in the “for”: FOUR

The number four kept reappearing so we decided to take a closer look. And just like that the stars aligned. In numerology, the number four symbolizes building a strong foundation. Also, the number four appears everywhere in nature. There are four cardinal points: North – South – East – West. There are four seasons. And, there are four elements: earth – air – fire – water. Not only did we have four pillars, but the number four itself represented being complete, and that is what our training is all about: Taking a holistic approach to athletic development and growing into our best selves. So, Four Athletes was born.